38′ Motoryacht Home for Sale $135,000 ~ $150,000

March 3, 2013


I have lived in some amazing homes, in phenomenal settings, and not one of them has received more compliments from my guests, than Beachy.

Over the seven years of living on this magical boat I have had hundreds of visitors. Most (I’ll give it over 80%) have said something to the tune of, “I would love to live like this” or even “I have always wanted to live on a boat.”  SO . . . I am hoping to get the word to the right people, that my home that floats on water, is for sale.

Beachy is a 38’ twin diesel trawler with Tommy Bahama style custom upholstery throughout,  wicker furniture, organic linens, including a 3” wool mattress topper that makes the bed in the master stateroom supremely comfortable!! Complimenting the theme are the dishes, wine/drinking glasses and serving platers.

The enclosed aft sun deck and fly bridge (think family room) seats eleven or more with isinglass (think picture windows). Combine the gentle rocking and spectacular views to produce a very magical area to read or entertain.

Need office space? The dining area in the galley is set up for business. It can go either way, office or dining table.

There are two staterooms. The guest “bedroom” is called a V-berth and can sleep 2. Overall Beachy has the ability to sleep eight, as the dining area can also be made into a bed for two.

Since the first comments started coming in, I think I have known, I would want to sell this lifestyle to someone else who will appreciate the magic as much as I have. It has truly been a phenomenal adventure filled with peace and happiness. ❤

Included in the $150,000 price will be an overview of  “Live-a-board 101.”  This will help with the “how to’s” of living on the water and will simplify the path that took me over a year to figure out.

You have choices: to learn how to drive this vessel as I did, OR hire one of the many fun captains for a spin around the bay (which is a great addition to any party) OR just enjoy the floating condo.

For the experienced boater, the price is $135,000. This includes the assessed price of $125,000 and the tropical dishes, glasses, etc. I purchased the boat for $90,000 and put $80,000 in maintenance and decorations. Her twin diesel engines purred when I brought her from Dana Point to San Diego.

Please let me know if you would like to see more photos, have questions or would like to schedule a tour.  laura@the-beachhouse.com  619-994-4999

Random Acts of Kindness, aka RAOK

November 25, 2016
Alert: Watch out for RAOK this holiday season . . . If you looking for a shocking news story that is open ended, read on.

If you want a way to do something nice for someone else but YOU end up being the biggest winner, read on.
RAOK, aka, Random Acts of Kindness gives something to the recipient, but I am here to tell you, and as some of you have experienced, the biggest feel good comes from the positive reaction of others. Let me explain. One of my favorite things to do is to compliment a stranger, often it’s an elderly women. The expression on their faces 99% of the time is of absolute
surprise and appreciation. They thank me and make some of the most endearing comments, such as, “thank you, you made my day,”
“you made my year,” “that’s the first compliment I have had in years.”

One of my favorites over the last 40+ years was a tiny hunched over, very old lady in a grocery store. She was inches away from the products on the shelf in front of her as she slowly walked up the aisle. When I asked her if I could help, she said she was looking for toothpaste. We both burst into laughter when I told her she was in the “feminine supply” section. Slowly, I led her to the correct aisle, where she found what she needed. When I asked her for a hug, she stared at me intensely. As she let me wrap my arms around her, she held on for a long time, over five minutes. As she pulled away, she looked into my eyes and said she hadn’t been touched in years, and came in for another hug. Folks, when I left that store I was riding high and sang at the top of my lungs as I drove down the road.

RAOK are a Win-Win and although I know she felt wonderful, I think I felt even “wonder-full-er.” A friend of mine has asked us to celebrate her birthday by meeting for a few hours to do random acts of kindness at a park together. Although young (at least in my opinion), at 38yrs she is wise, because she will truly be the one that feels the best!

This act of kindness is becoming more common every day. Someone paying for someone behind them in line at Starbucks, grocery store, or across the room in a restaurant. Also, just holding the door a little longer for a stranger or letting someone in front of you in line are wonderful acts of kindness. 

When I first bought my boat there was a neighbor who was experienced dealing with boats, and he would re-tie my lines in windstorms. Sometimes after a heavy rain, I would see people scooping water out of a stranger’s dingy. Over the ten years I lived on my boat I witnessed some really fun RAOK’s. 

OK, so do you want to play? Any RAOK’s please share your stories, to keep the good feelings vibes active: laura@the-beachhouse.com 

Let’s embrace the Joy of the experience during the season of giving. How much fun it is to give, or find, enough quarters for the washer and dryer, with a smily face and “for you” on a note. Seriously a kick and a half, for just three bucks. Again, please share if you do or receive a Random Act of Kindness.  Wishing you and yours a Joyous Loving and Giving Season.
Laura Brownwood, Joy Consultancy  619 994-4999

❣ Joy of a Good Nights Sleep ❣

July 16, 2015


LAST NIGHT WAS A BLISSFUL NIGHT OF PURE REST AND DEEP SLEEP for me. Although I did get up once to use the head (most you call them bathrooms) I went right back to sleep . . . SUCH A PHENOMENALLY WONDERFUL FEELING when I wake up in the morning, after sunrise.
As a child and most of my twenties I slept like a log. Then, oh baby, did my life change when my first child was born 😊  She nursed a couple times a night for the first year and then once a night for the next year (yeah, I was a natural mama and nursed her a couple years.).  Even after, when I was pregnant with my son, I never slept through the night NOR DID I FOR 40 PLUS YEARS ❣❣❣  It seemed I was either covering them up or checking on them till middle school. After that, I am not sure what the reason was for 30ish years . . .  but I have once again found THE JOY OF A RESTFUL NIGHTS SLEEP.
Over the years I have used breathing exercises and practices to try to go back to sleep once I wake up, but it wasn’t until USANA came out with Pure Rest, a fast-acting, ultra-pure melatonin supplement that I have started getting MUCH better nights of sleep. Pure Rest is both safe and effective.
Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone that regulates sleep and wake cycles.  It didn’t work immediately, the first night, but after a short period of time I started sleeping better. Add to that a new breathing exercise, a mantra that I slowly repeat . . . “sleep now” (on inhale) and “think later” (on exhale) making most of my nights filled with restful sleep.
A good trick is, not to let your mind jump onto your daily thoughts. Catch it in the beginning and breathe deeply. Along with diet and exercise, getting enough sleep is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Normal sleep cycles help you feel more energized, promote healthy immune function, and support antioxidant defense. ❣ Color me HAPPY ❣

Appreciation for Social Media/Facebook ❣

July 9, 2015
There is a wide variety of opinions about Facebook and it’s affects on those participating . . . I would like to share mine 😊
❤ FACEBOOK HAS BEEN A BLESSING IN MY LIFE ❤  Anyone who sees my posts, knows I am not just sitting around, bored and needing entertainment. But I do find time most days to ENJOY the FUN Facebook communication provides. After I have done something adventurous or pleasurable, I get a double hit of the FUN when I share it, and read the responses 😊
❤ ❤ One of the biggest JOYS it has brought me is connecting with friends and FAMILY with whom I had lost communication, including my cousin Renee and her daughter Spring.  I reconnected with one of my best friends (and bridesmaid) Kris after losing touch for years. There are MANY more, but even if it was just these three, I would be forever appreciative. ❤ ❤
YES, it’s still fun to get a letter, but now Facebook provides weekly or even daily “letters” of what’s going on and pictures from many of my very good friends, my SISTER, Annie, her sister-in-law that I adore, my nieces and their children, high school friends, even some ex-boyfriends 😊  Of course, there are even friends I have made on Facebook.  As I posted today on a TBT, there are four friends I met on a cruise eight years ago and we have stayed in contact through Facebook ❣
 ❣❣ One more factor I would like to share . . . how the Law of Attraction plays into it all. I post Positive and Fun experiences and that is what I see most of the time

Fine Young Men

January 16, 2014

A young friend is staying with me for a couple days. His mother has been my friend for 20 plus years and I have known him since he was two. He is so pleasant and polite and full of life, it’s been a joy to have him. He is off enjoying himself and I head over to Redbox to return a movie. 

After inserting the disc it responds with, “Error, put the disc in with logo facing you.” That’s what I had done. After trying a few more times, a young man comes up to rent a movie. He sees my problem and offers to help. The Redbox does the same thing again for him. Then he suggests we try again after he’s done. We still get the same error message . . . BUT HERE IS THE MESSAGE I AM WRITING ABOUT . . . this young man, with a family at home, stays there for several more minutes patiently trying to help me and figure it out. How VERY nice is that?? Really, it was like we were in this problem together. THEN another young man comes up to return a couple movies. We step aside to see if it will work for his movie. Nope, another error message. Well, there is another Redbox around the corner and . . . he OFFERS TO RETURN MY MOVIE FOR ME. Interestingly, we had both rented the same movie! 

So today has been filled with three fine young men in their twenties who are all truly NICE, caring, friendly and fun. There is so much goodness all around us, I enjoy sharing experiences like these to help counteract the negative news that abounds. 

Sanoviv Retreat Info

January 2, 2013

Sanoviv Retreat

Sanoviv Health and Education Retreat

January 2, 2013

Sanoviv Health and Education Retreat

My Story of Finding A Better Way with Reset ❣

December 18, 2012

My Story of Finding A Better Way with Reset ❣

This photo shoot was taken the morning of my 65th birthday. Oh how I love USANA’Reset for helping me stay in shape❣❣❣

For almost 30 years I have been helping people loose weight. In 1985 I launched, Lifestyle Change ~ Wellness and Weight Management, and was able to help MANY people release unwanted pounds. It was my FULL time occupation and much of my time was spent holding hands and countless hours of consulting people and listening to their cravings and emotional connection to food. At $1000 it was considered a good deal because of the success rate of my clients. It was a 30 day program (which didn’t include any food).

THEN 10 yrs ago, I experienced RESET ❣ And for the first time since my modeling days (1966-69) I MYSELF EXPERIENCED FREEDOM FROM CRAVINGS. Reset helps control YOUR cravings by balancing your insulin with Low Glycemic shakes and bars. When this occurs, it appears that the physiological peace overrides most of the emotional cravings. THIS WAS THE FIND OF THE CENTURY FOR ME ❣

Now, I help MANY MANY more people, because I have the whole Beach House Team sharing this product. Many of them have also had great results and they are sharing it as well which equates to . . . exponential help ❣ Which is Powerful ❣

Well, now you can have the best of both worlds. A product that has everything you need in one box costing $120 for five days, which is your food budget along with some veggies. Then if you want to do the transform stage, just a few dollars a day will buy you shakes and bars AND a 90 day challenge with AMAZING SUPPORT and prizes as well ❣❣

So, if you would like to lose 5 to 100 or more pounds join me in USANA Reset Challenge in 2013❣ Here’s the scoop . . .

During the USANA RESET™ Challenge: Destination Transformation, you’re probably looking to slim down in a few places. But your wallet is not one of them.

With amazing product specials, we can help you lose some pounds without losing too much dough. 

Save over $30 on the RESET Transform Kit (Item #913). It’s packed with a month’s supply of everything you need—Nutrimeal™ meal-replacement shakes, Nutrition Bars, a supply of nutritional supplements, and Rev3 Energy® Surge Pack.

When you buy the RESET Kit/Transform Kit Combo Pack (Item #914), you’ll save over $80. That adds the Transform Kit to everything you need to jumpstart your weight-loss journey—15 Nutrimeal pouches including Chocolate, French Vanilla, and Wild Strawberry; five Peanut Butter Crunch Nutrition Bars; five Oatmeal Raisin Nutrition Bars; five AM/PM HealthPak™ 100 packets; a program guide; and motivational fridge magnet. 

All foods included in these kits are made with a low-glycemic formula, designed to deliver sustained energy and control hunger, giving your body what it needs to lose weight. And they taste great, too. So it’s a win for your body, your wallet, and your taste buds.
So PM (private message) me in Facebook, or Call 619-994-4999 or email: laura@the-beachhouse.com . . . if you are ready to “opt in” or would like more information. OK, maybe it wasn’t “find of the century” BUT it has been a huge relief when it comes to the whole subject of food cravings, weight management, for me and those I consult ❣

The Gift of Love – A Time of Peace

December 7, 2012

The Gift of Love

 So when when my first born was still a babe, her father and I decided to change our tradition. Her second Christmas found us tree-less and in the local nursing home on Christmas Eve and Morning.  It had come to my attention that these homes for the elderly were mostly vacant at these times. That’s when the families were all celebrating together at home, a natural thing to do, of course.
We hugged on the seniors. We sang to them and chatted with them and shared our love.
The next year we had a six month old along for the ride. Again we went to the nursing homes on Christmas Eve and Morning. WHAT JOY TO BRING COMPANIONSHIP TO THESE LONELY PEOPLE ❤
Although we had no judgement of others, we wanted to try something to facilitate raising our children to be givers and so, decided to forgo the present at this time of year. Throughout the year we would collect things* on our nature walks and then the children would glue them to construction paper to give as gifts to the seniors.  The things* included pine needles, leaves, tiny rocks, etc. They had so so much fun delivering these “gifts” and the seniors SO enjoyed receiving them from these tots.
One year we heard of a family in our small community that was having a hard time. The father, had left the mother and three children, a couple weeks before Christmas. He had closed out the utilities and taken the deposits and split. The town rallied and collected enough to get the utilities back on. When we heard this our children were four and seven by now. We had a little fund we used for “missionary projects” and so I asked our children if they wanted to buy presents for them. YES, was the answer, even though they themselves had never received Christmas presents.
We had $200 and they were so excited on our trip to the bigger town down the road. I stopped to drop something off for a young mother, and while I was in the kitchen with her, my children were talking to her husband in the foyer. When we got in the car they were bubbling over. After they excitedly shared the mission they were on, this man opened his wallet and gave them an additional $50. They giggled as they reported, he said he too, wanted to be part of the FUN ❣
We had one more stop and this time, Tiffany Amber and Travis (yes, they have names) came right out and asked if this person wanted to be part of the FUN. Sure enough, after telling the story, they got another $50. So when we walked through the doors of JC Penney they had $300 to spend on the children. We had their ages and so off they went picking out slippers and PJs and socks and whatever they enjoyed gathering. The receipt would be part of the gift, so they could exchange for whatever sized they needed.
On Christmas morning they were SO SO SO excited to deliver the gifts. As we stood on the porch, both children’s arms were filled with wrapped presents and they were squealing. Our knock was answered by a somber group. All eyes lit up as Tiffany and Travis announced they had some gifts to give them. Invited in we watched as sad faces turned to Joy ❣
A few years later, when they were seven and ten years old, they asked if THEY could have presents like their friends at school. We were happy to shift our tradition again and enjoyed a Peaceful gift exchange. Their grandparents happily sent a couple gifts and we got them each something meaningful. They said a prayer of appreciation for the giver of the gift before opening.
Those holidays are filled with memories I cherish. Our children both truly embody a giving spirit. Tiffany Amber came home from college one year on Christmas Eve and I was immersed in finalizing the construction of two homes, both due for possession on December 24th. When I looked at her and announced I hadn’t had time to go shopping for the holidays, she smiled and said, “not to worry mom, if I get bored, I’ll find a nursing home and go give some hugs!”
My heart was filled with such joy, satisfaction and pride. Yes, this unusual path has produced two amazing adults who are givers in the true sense of the word.

Bikini photo shoot at 65 ❣

February 4, 2012

Today, February 4th, 2012, I am an official senior. . . 65 years old!

What does that mean? Well for me, I am out to prove something. You are only as old as you feel and I not only don’t feel old, I feel GREAT! I had so much fun contemplating this bikini photo shoot and feeling excited preparing for it!

Some people say to me, you have great genes, and I appreciate my mostly German/Irish heritage BUT I believe there are other More IMPORTANT aspects.

First and foremost is our mindset, which I will get to later. Secondly, is eating correctly and getting exercise. That I started when I was 21 years old. Although I’ve taught this principle since 1978, I realized at the age of 54 it wasn’t enough. Six years earlier I started experiencing severe pain in the muscles of my back. Soon it was spreading ALL over my body and the doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong.  I went six years undiagnosed. In spite of eating impeccably well (as noted in a previous blog) and exercising every single day for years I found myself bedridden much of the time. That is why I took pain killers and other drugs to be able to work, even though I had taught others how to avoid these drugs.

Fortunately for me, I found Sanoviv, a functional medical hospital. http://www.sanoviv.com Much different from the many hospitals I visited during the six previous years. After diagnosing my illness as mercury poisoning and deficient in nutrients, they gave me the pharmaceutical grade supplements from USANA Health Sciences. Each and every week I got better and soon was stronger and had more energy than I did when I was in my twenties. Even though I owned a Natural Food Store for 8 years, I never took supplements, thinking I would get them from my wholesome organic diet. I will forever be appreciative of USANA’s high potency supplementation.

Now to address the mindset. ALL religions and philosophies teach, “whatsoever a man thinketh, therefore he is” and “if you believe it you CAN achieve it.”   This belief includes youthfulness.

It is my intent to enjoy the coming decades and have FUN as a youthful and energetic senior. Because many feel it’s a stigma to be 65 and older, I decided to make it FUN, and do the photo shoot.